Medicare Supplement plans give you peace of mind about your healthcare coverage throughout your retirement.  With a Medicare Supplement plan, you have total control over your choice of providers.  There are no network restrictions or referrals needed, so you can see any provider that accepts Medicare coverage.


Medicare Advantage (MA) plans combines all of the benefits of Original Medicare Part A (Hospital) and Part B (Medical), and in some cases, Part D (Rx) in a single plan.  MA plans are offered through private companies and must be approved by Medicare. These plans can provide additional benefits such as vision, hearing & dental as well as health and wellness programs.  Plans may use specific provider networks and preferred hospitals where you must receive your care to ensure that care is covered.


A Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) may help lower your prescription drug expenses and protect against higher costs in the future.  PDP plans are offered only by private companies that have a contract with Medicare. Most PDP plans have an extensive network of pharmacies that includes mail delivery, specialty, retail, long-term care and home infusion.

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